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15th Jul 2021

04. I Think We ALL Know What This One's About

This week, the Blind Items gang discusses the Gossip Girl reboot, let you know which new movies are worth going to see. explain why they can't trust the boys on Love Island USA, and put out an official ask for the Teletubbies to come on the pod. Following this, they take a look at an interview we ALL know about, and the toxic environments created on teen television show sets.

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Which former teen heartthrob changed his name and moved across borders to stay famous? Which sexy A-list couple showed their love for each other by sharing necklaces with their own blood? And of course, which Hollywood dreamboat may actually be eating people for fun? Find out all of these answers and more on your new weekly obsession, Blind Items. Join Gabrielle Sirois, Max Peterson and Wade Scanlan while they remove the blindfold and break down the wildest moments in pop culture history that you might have forgotten about.